Why we trust you?

Micromoney creates the world convenient for business.

We create the world for entrepreneurs. We create credit record for you.

It is without bureaucracy and financial reports. It will be enough if you bring us your phone. The data that your phone keeps will tell us even more. We analyze big data and using neural network give you credits.

Most of the people have already heard about block chain. It is something new innovative and fantastic.

It is not fantastic. It is already real life. We use this technology to evaluate potential risks and to obtain data to estimate creditworthiness.

We believe that our product and service creates value for stakeholders and society. Only WIN WIN situation is long term and profitable. Imagine that banks will not need any more to score and examine credit users. They have already such valuable information and do not risk with their money. Banks lower their risks and, thus, the interest rate is much less. And this is what we need.

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