The internet was made for independent content creation. “Creators” can be individuals influencers on social media, small niche publications with a website or newsletter, or even developers building dashboards and tools.

Content is the new currency

If you are a Creator, you already know that “content is currency” … So if content is currency, the key questions are:

How do you go about capturing the value of your content?
…And how much value are you leaking to the platforms you use to get it out there?

In the long run, the most successful indie creators are going to be the ones that drive their audience…

Microsponsors has been running in Limited Alpha mode since March 16th. The purpose has been to tighten up the User Experience, test the Product-Market fit and see if there are any gaps in the auction mechanics. In response to events at the end of some auctions, we’ve made some changes.

First I’ll explain the What, and then the Why.

What Hasn’t Changed

- The auction’s Creator sets the date & time that the auction ends when they create their time slot token ($MSPT), which automatically goes to auction upon creation (“minting”).

- Bids are accepted up until the auction end date/time.

- There…

Since launching a few weeks ago, one consistent request has been loud and clear: the ability to receive bids for Microsponsors time slots in “Personal Tokens”. I hadn’t guessed that this would not only be a demand but an expectation, but here we are. Personal token support was quickly integrated (for bids and payments) and now people are asking where I think this is all going, as well as the legal and social implications.

What’s a Personal Token?

There are a few different versions floating around the Ethereum ecosystem, mostly in the ERC-20 standard format for tokens. Probably the most famous one so far…

Microsponsors was launched to the Ethereum Mainnet a little over a month ago. In fact, it was launched just a few hours before Black Thursday unfolded, the morning when all of crypto tumbled sharply along with the broader stock market on coronavirus news, triggering a mass of automated selloffs. The network was so congested that our smart contracts couldn’t be reached for 2 whole days. It wasn’t until the following week that the Alpha release was finally announced on Twitter & Reddit and sent out to a few friends for testing and feedback (organic reach only).

Despite the rough timing…

Photo by Geoff Greenwood on Unsplash

In order to be fair venues for exhange, marketplaces need operators that act as neutral third parties. A level playing field for buyers and sellers is critical, especially in digital venues where the ability control the flow of information will naturally result in monopolies.

There are several features of distributed ledger “blockchain” technologies that make them excellent venues for the fair exchange of digitized goods. One of these features is the ability to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange, without the need for middlemen. And one of the best teams building the tools to create these peer-to-peer “decentralized” marketplaces is the 0x Protocol

Advertising Technology has a supply chain problem. Globally, advertisers are losing more than $23 billion every year to ad fraud. Depending on who you talk to, experts and insiders complain about the “AdTech tax”: between 10% and 55% of every dollar spent on ads is used up fighting fraud and paying middlemen.

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The AdTech ecosystem is complex and convoluted. Observers note that the more complex a market is, the easier it is to hide fraud. …

Welcome to the very first post in a series that will introduce Microsponsors to a general audience.

Microsponsors will:

  • Help creators and publishers of all kinds earn money for their work
  • Help sponsors connect and transact directly with them
  • Provide a transparent, neutral marketplace for them to do business

The general idea is that the monetization model of the Web 2.0 companies that we know so well has been to trap “users” (fellow human beings) in walled gardens that are difficult to escape and ruthlessly exploit their behavior and data to extract advertiser dollars. The result of this has been the stream of increasingly nasty consequences we’ve seen play out in the last few years.

The good news is…

P2P sponsorship marketplace for game devs, podcasters, influencers & more. Privacy-first. Powered by the @0xProject on Ethereum.

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