Building on the frontier — there’s nothing quite like it. Blockchain technology has given us a rare opportunity to reimagine things from the ground up. This sense of tabula rasa must be similar to what the early internet pioneers experienced as they created something out of nothing, building in a vast digital greenfield where conventional wisdom and the status quo were rendered moot.

The advent of the humble distributed ledger in 2009 opened up entirely new frontiers, with permissionless value exchange empowering builders to execute on ideas that were previously untenable. …

Microtick is a decentralized price oracle for Cosmos / Tendermint that will supply free real-time price feeds to any Dapp that needs real-world price data over the IBC protocol. It does this through decentralized market-based trading — and in the process, provides a novel method for achieving price discovery on nearly any asset. All of the important details behind Microtick can be found at

During our journey building the DApp on Cosmos, we’ve uncovered some lessons that may helpful for the broader ecosystem. But first, a brief bit of context on what Microtick is. …


Decentralized price discovery + short-term options marketplace = trustless, free, and hedgeable blockchain oracle:

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