Because . . .
Michael Kelly

Michael, thank you for your passionate response. I assume from it that you are growing leafy greens in the Salinas Valley? Happy to visit and continue the conversation.

Things never stay the way they are, and agriculture practices are constantly evolving: 10 years ago “no till” farming was a pipe dream, now it’s commonly practiced.

Yes, leafy greens are grown in Salinas Valley because they are ideal outdoor conditions. But, this is also why there is a nascent and growing industry of indoor farms in places like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and others. They are growing nutritious greens, harvested daily.

I get dirt under my nails all of the time, Michael. I work every day to help with the continuous improvement of our food system. I spend a lot of time in the fields with the farmers, and this essay is grounded in my daily interactions with food producers as well as innovators: collaborating to bring about a continuously improving food system.

If things stay the same because “that’s the way we’ve always done it,” then we will all starve for sure.

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