How the media carried out the terror attack in London

Recent terror attack in London has left people wondering about their safety in the country. More and more often the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant takes responsibility for the massive attacks in Europe. These manifestations of aggression are not longer stem from politics beliefs or actions, but more often from religion side. Islam is growing faster than any other religion in the world and their determination to spread these beliefs knows no boundaries. “Islam is expected to outstrip Christianity by the end of the century.” (Mirror 2015) These actions become more and more dangerous for the entire Europe as many of Islam’s rules forced their followers to kill each other. Of course the religion rules are being interpreted individually by each of members and we cannot officially connect Islam with killing innocent people. However current situation in the world and the cruel behaviour of followers of this religion leaves us with the belief that we must be careful.

What happened?

Last Wednesday will definitely remain in memory of many people who were next to the dramatic scene in the capital within the afternoon hours. A terrorist who belongs to ISIS group have killed 5 people by hitting them by the car next to Parliament on the Westminster bridge. Afterwards attacker entered Parliament square garden where he attended to kill a police officer with the intended purpose. The attacker was shot dead quickly. Immediately after the incident — Media has started working even more precisely, gathering the stories, interviewing witnesses and carrying out their own investigation — everything to make their source the most accurate — competing with other media organisations. Such events in the history are the most important for the media corporation to reach the number of viewers or listeners. Each media group try to become the best source for the recipients, so they use all their skills to attract people’s attention by inquisitive interviews, colourful graphs and deeply analyse of the problem.

They checked they the whole attack lasted 82 second and the killer was driving 76mph on Westminster Bridge. These facts are crucial for most people of curious viewers, especially on the online platforms such twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In the London’s terror attack 5 people died and at least 50 were injured. We didn’t have to wait too long to find out who was responsible for the attack. 52 years old Khalid Masood turned out to be British citizen. It was shocking information among the public passed by the media as usually ISIS killers are not connected with the country where they contribute to the threat to human life.

How the message was carried out by media?

Nowadays social media and online media reach the audience even faster than through TV or radio. It stems from the time that we all spend on social media platform, chatting with friends and along with that scrolling our wall full of latest news from the companies that we liked or followed. This way allows us to stay connected with the stories both on the phone while traveling or on the computer at home. Shortly after the accident the BBC and other media companies have started filling us with a lot of information through all their available platforms. Terror attack was shown in negative way — it goes without saying. Full name of the killer was shared with everyone as fast as media found out about his details. There were no data protection, it was in the public interest to find out who contribute to the massive assassination. He also was dead so it was no fear to publish his personal details along with his picture. BBC has also published a video showing a woman falling off Westminster bridge to the river a result of hitting pedestrians indiscriminately. That video caused great confusion and compassion for the wounded — so the media’s purpose has been met.

Another example of gaining the audience by the media straight after the attack was publishing the picture of the MP Tobias Ellwood battled to save life of stabbed officer. He was shown as a hero with the blood on his forehead trying to save a life. Media paid a huge attention to him, as people are constantly interested in heroic attitudes and they like admire these behaviors. Media were exalting his actions by following him next day in the parliament by focusing cameras onto his face. The attack has been days away but media still remind about him by deeply analysis of his life — who is he, where does he work etc.

Why the media show such terrific content?

The main purpose of media organizations is to inform, even if the content is shocking, journalists need to be accurate in their profession. Information about terror attack has been broadcasted to the public to make them aware of the upcoming issue related to the Islam’s danger in the Europe. Danger is a threat that has to be avoided. Media want people to know about the potential hazard that accepting Islam in Europe might bring. Of course everyone can decide about their affiliation to the specific faith or community however media allows us to meet some real facts that we wouldn’t be able to gather by ourselves.

Michal Wojtczak