Burn-out release, exchange update, price stabilization

Oct 7 · 3 min read

1. The Burn-out is live

Check the latest announcements to learn all about Burn-out. Overall, we wanted to create a feature to thank our investors and help the growth of Midas at the same time. You will receive rewards from everyone who came after you in transparent way. In the future we plan to add additional utilities for Burn-out and change it values to engage more investors to use it.

You can activate Burn-out using this link.

Burn-out goes live with a referral link. For each new user that registered using your referral link and activated Burn-out, you will receive 75 Midas!
Referral link is available for everyone with Burn-out activated.

2. The exchange release plan

Please read the whole text.

We are really out of schedule, so excuse me for each time I said “soon” on exchange. We were really close a few times, but different stuff popped-out. The reason behind it is that our development team consists from three persons, two of which are outsourced. For security reasons we cannot let them dive deep into the platform development, so only our CTO has the power to make the exchange happen. Currently, we are searching for developers to fit our team, but it will take time to educate them.

And, finally, to the exchange release.
We needed to let Burn-out happen and create a referral mechanism, so the marketing hype around exchange would drive into even bigger growth of Midas and our community. Now we are fully concentrated on the last things on exchange. It will not be polished in the first iteration. We need to make sure the core is working.

We have calculated four working days starting from tomorrow for finalising the exchange, but I would say the next week is our goal. The exchange already has a lot of attention by coin developers and many great projects signed in.

3. Fline dashboard update + better conditions for bot investors

We and Fline team agreed on new conditions for investing in the bots. You will know about them tomorrow. We almost finished with slight redesign of the outdated dashboard and figured out the easy way to optimise it. In couple weeks, you will see new version of it. Meanwhile, the Fline team is working on two new bots that will be announced later on.

4. InstantBuy weekly volume reaches +0.9 BTC for three weeks straight

Which means that each week our investors are buying a lot of coins using our platform. And those are real trades! That is a great sign of consistency on Midas.Investments. This consistency will be reflected on upcoming exchange release.

5. Midas price stabilised after the extensive growth

We had a nice rally starting from 1500 sats to 4700 and our main goal was to not let the price go down, like in 95% of all the recent coin growths. Now we had two weeks in accumulation and Midas is ready for the next leap after Burn-out and exchange release.

You can purchase Midas coins using our InstantBuy feature in Midas share card on the platform.

An exciting week is ahead!

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