Midas.Investments releases Burn-out, which allows to invest in the growth of the platform

Oct 7 · 2 min read

Today, right before the exchange release, we release the new way of investment on our platform. Instead of investing in masternodes now you can upgrade your Lock-in to the next level and receive rewards for a lifetime.

Let me introduce you: Burn-out! 🔥

Buy 250 Midas to upgrade your Lock-in and you will begin to receive part of next Burn-out activation.

Those 250 Midas will split in two parts. The first one will be burned, increasing the overall price of Midas and taking coins out of circulation. The second is split between previous activations of Burn-out.

The split between burn and rewards are changing. The more people activated Burn-out the less coins are burned. That way we control how many coins investors receive.

Three reasons guarantees that Burn-out will be activated by new investors:

1. Regular and lifetime payouts of Midas, while increasing the usage of the coin.

2. Additional utilities added to Burn-out. We plan to add features on top of Burn-out, making it attractive by its own. For example, regular airdrops for Burn-out users.

3. Referral link is currently bounded to Burn-out.

And yes, we released the referral link. To receive it you need to activate Burn-out. For each user who registered and activated Burn-out using your link you will receive 75 Midas coins, which is $25 at the moment!

In the further developments we will upgrade Burn-out, provide new opportunities for referral links and many more. After this release we are fully focused on exchange release that is coming next week!

Keep in mind that the sooner you activate Burn-out, the more benefits you will get for everyone who will come after you! So, do not miss your chance.

🔥 You can activate Burn-out following the Lock-in link: https://midas.investments/profile/zerofee

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