Government access to encrypted devices: A possible solution

President Barack Obama

President Obama remarked at SXSW 2016:

“Because what will happen is if everybody goes to their respective corners and the tech community says, you know what, either we have strong, perfect encryption, or else it’s Big Brother and an Orwellian world — what you’ll find is that after something really bad happens, the politics of this will swing and it will become sloppy and rushed, and it will go through Congress in ways that have not been thought through. And then you really will have dangers to our civil liberties because we will have not done — the people who understand this best and who care most about privacy and civil liberties have sort of disengaged or taken a position that is not sustainable for the general public as a whole over time.”

Here is a response to that remark…

Possible solution (PDF):

Background to solution (PDF):

Original post about the solution on

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