Dealing with IBS

Diet: Low FODMAP

IsoPure 100% Whey Protein Isolate (Banana Cream is good for my stomach)

Bananas (unripe)
Kiwis (fiber)
Lemons (for morning lemon water)
Rasberries (fiber)

Green beans (fiber)
Broccoli heads - cut off stalks (fiber)
Green onions (green…

The DYOR version for unFederal Reserve (eRSDL)

Wanted to share my thoughts on the project unFederal Reserve (eRSDL), the current situation, the experiences I've learned from, and the FA (fundamentals) behind the project.

This is the DYOR you should have done before buying in the first place and what you…

Polkadot & Kusama: Set to steal the show for the 2021 Altseason

So we have all this hype around Vitalik releasing Ethereum 2.0. The “other half” of the original Ethereum operation, Gavin Wood, has been busy building a huge ecosystem. Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) — Gavin Wood, founded Polkadot…

Bitcoin vs FIAT currency, and what comes next

It’s important for people to understand the history of FIAT currency and why Bitcoin is such a groundbreaking technology.

First, let’s just briefly review a few basics of FIAT currency:

Many do not understand money (FIAT / government issued dollars) or how…

Intro: Side hustle for those that want to make some additional income. This is a brief business proposal overview. *I am located in the USA. So the details will be specific to what I know here. But I am sure this will work most anywhere.

About me: I have been…


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