Select ERP module tailored as per to your needs

This is referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning .This is a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.The architecture of the software facilitates transparent integration of modules, providing flow of information between all functions within the enterprise in a consistently visible manner.


The ERP software consists of multiple software modules each focused on one area of business process. Each module needs to be purchased separately based on the needs of the organization. The modules in this software support the functional areas such as planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, accounting, financial, human resource management, project management, inventory management, service and maintenance, transportation and e-business.


SAP: They are the largest ERP solution provider with more than 75.000 customers and 12 million users and holding around 30% of marketshare. It offers a hosted solution, namely SAP Business by Design, for organizations lacking IT resources.

Oracle: Oracle is next to SAP and it offers a comprehensive, multilingual and multi-currency solution, mostly through its channel partners.

Infor: Infor is of recent origin and expanded through a number of acquisitions. Its acquisition of SSA global during 2006 made it a forerunner. SSA is focused on building, buying and integrating best of breed solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics:By acquiring a host of ERP products like Navision, Solomon, Great Plain and Axapta it has entered into this arena


ERP is a business oriented initiative, hence the current business process needs definition and documentation with strengths and weakness, including your further opportunities and requirements. This decision requires the pooling of all the functional heads and wide acceptance
ERP package should be chosen in a manner that it will satisfy the absolute core need of the organization.

Ask colleagues, employees, and other contacts what they use or recommend for a company like yours. Conduct research on the internet or hire an ERP consultant if necessary.

Customer references of the ERP vendors should be closely checked for users in closely allied industries. You have to go to reference sites. Once you have listed potential vendors asking for an onsite demonstration will give the vendors a chance to prove that their software will work with your unique way of doing business

A comprehensive project plan that includes not just the activities required to install the software, but the ones that are required to ensure that the solution is fully functional, tested, and accepted by end-users

Rather than relying on the vendor-appointed project manager have someone on your staff for this job by selecting someone within the organization, who knows or is comfortable managing software systems, to serve as the project manager

Identify the department specific needs and Learn a new way of operating. This will require a significant time commitment for everyone, so the project team must take proactive measures to reduce the burden on employees, specific time allowance must be given to develop and deliver training programs.

Estimates should be made on the growth and increasing revenue and benefits measured against the costs to track the potential of ERP.

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