We are cruising up the coast in her little red drop top. She is flying. But tonight, there is nobody else on the road for the most part. It is just us in the world tonight.

We are not listening to the radio. We are just driving, smoking and drinking, being in the right now. We are listening to the world that surrounds us. We are letting the outside come through us. We are busting through the outside.

It is a beautiful Friday night and we have nowhere to be. We are smiling and laughing for no reason. We talk here and there, but not too much.

The stars are not too bright but they sure are pretty. The moon is big and beautiful. The air is cool and refreshing. It is one of those nights that should last forever. Life should always be like this.

We are speeding in her car with the top down and I feel like we could drive right up there to the sky. We would never look down at the world below us. We would look up at the world above us. We would pass by stars and wave.

“Kiss my ass,” she would tell each star as she would fly by it.

Hell, the stars might even fall in love her and chase us through of the galaxy. Maybe we would have to escape this galaxy and search the eternity. Then we would enter new worlds- worlds where the skies are green and purple and moons sit right next to each other and hold hands.

Tonight we are free. The wind reminds us of this.

With every drink I take I feel freer. With every drink the wind feels cooler and lighter.

We pass by neon lights and hotels. I love those neon lights. No reason why. I just do. I always have.

We pass small diners and rest stops. Every one of them is probably home away from home to somebody.

We drive and drive. I feel alive. I have energy tonight. I have passion and love. I lean back and close my eyes. Now I see blackness. Now I can see everything a little bit clearer.

The car pulls into an old-looking hotel that over looks the ocean. It is old and worn-down but I like that. It is beautiful in its own way.

We hop out of the car and I follow Julia into the lobby. It is decent, nothing special. She gets us a room that over looks the ocean. It is a nice little room with one bed, a bathroom and a TV set. There is a sliding glass door and balcony from where we smoke, drink and watch the low tide roll in.

Julia sits in my lap while we watch the waves circle. I hold her tightly. Her skin is soft. Her lips are softer. She has on a bikini top and high-waisted jean shorts. Her hair is down. She is a vision of beauty.

We talk about bull shit but it comes naturally because we are drunk. She begins singing one of my songs out of the blue. I did not even know that she knew it. She sings it well, too well. I knew she could sing but tonight it sounds better than ever.

“Damn, babe, maybe you should be the singer,” I laugh.

“And you should be a model,” she says.

We talk and talk, laugh and laugh. Everything is light and funny. The mood is perfect. The stars applaud our conversation. The moon winks at me as I slide my hand down Julia’s back. The air refreshes us. The world brings us a melody that flows through us.

At some point we start making love.

We make love until the sun starts showing.

Then we sleep.

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