Why i stop using passwords to sign in — & Why should you too

Remembering the login credentials has been a struggle for users to create and remember over the past decade. In fact, not only is the threat increasing rapidly, Credential theft and fraud are the leading sources of data breaches right now. These attacks cost a lot because you need more security.

The credential has created chaos in the digital world. Although companies have already started to look for the best solution. Fortunately, they came up with one of the most popular solutions: Passwordless Authentication. Passwordless authentication has made the task of hacking very difficult, almost impossible.

These are the reasons why people, especially users, often ask about how they can sign in without using their username and password. The perfect answer to it is passwordless authentication.

Eartho One passwordless authentication helps reduce the organization, developers, and website owners’ vulnerability by virtually eliminating the credential theft arising from attacks, password resume credential stuffing, keyloggers, and more.”

With the help of Eartho One Passwordless authentication, you can design and secure simple access experiences that flow. Afterwards, your users will authenticate their devices’ built-in biometrics or with the protected external authenticator.

Your users can go passwordless and can authenticate in no time with full-proof security.

Get the Eartho One Passwordless app. Authenticate securely to learn:

The problems organizations face with passwords The current alternatives that are in use today: the benefits of using Eartho One Passwordless Authentication How Passwordless Authentication Works When Delivered Through Intelligent Access

How can you sign without your credentials with Eartho passwordless authentication

Eartho One authenticator can be used to sign in to any platform without using login credentials. If a company is affiliated with Eartho One, then there is no need for their users to use their passwords; they will only need some authentication that is saved in the database of Eartho One.

The eartho one authentication technology is one of the best that can be used on any device, including mobile. All the website’s apps need to integrate with the eartho one and then they are good to go.

About Eartho One:

Eartho One is the world’s finest and purest passwordless authentication system. Not only that, they provide many more facilities that ensure the security of the company as well. There is no need for passwords, no usernames, nothing to forget and everything is completely secure with Eartho One. Eartho One brings the best authentication system to every internet-enabled system regardless of platform.

Final Viewpoints

If someone wants their users to sign in without using their passwords or usernames, then there is only one way and that is passwordless authentication. Eartho One provides the best passwordless authentication, which is not only the best solution but the most secure solution out of all of them.



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