We are a nation which celebrates mediocrity at Olympics

The last three days news are filled with how Indian women had kept our honor in olympics. How regardless of the poor infrastructure and humble backgrounds they won medal at the podium. A cricket obsessed nation watching badminton, golf and wrestling while trying to make understand the rules of these games. Newspaper and Media celebrating these medal winners as national heroes and trashing opinions like that of Shobha De.

One fine example of that mediocrity in news. As usual its TOI.

Yes in a nation where mediocrity is celebrated and made super heroes, and still talk about how PT Usha lost Olympic medal by 1/10 of a second and how we get beaten at our own games like hockey and wrestling. We should do a little bit of introspection of where we stand at olympics. A nation with over 120 million people figures at 66th position in Olympic medal tally. Much better than our FIFA rankings or HDI rankings you would say. Even countries torn apart by war or has no stable governments are finishing well above us like Kosovo, North Korea even Chinese Taipei. Yet we celebrate our success at olympics like we overcame so many obstacles to do this.

We malayalis are experts at creating trolls, one such troll read “Olympics is a conspiracy by developed nations against India every four years to show that despite our Ache Din we are still jack shit.” There is a point there, one which Shobha De will like, but then she never ran or did wrestling for a living, like most of our Olympic committee members and the association representatives. Their collective experience in sports is less than the Refugee team at olympics.

Our medal tally in Olympics is the worst in terms of medal per head. In last 3 decades we have only one gold to show despite our nations obsession with yellow metal. If India is a country Usain bolt and Phelps should be called continents then. Isn’t it funny a nation which worships Hanuman, Rajnikanth and Baahubali don’t even have one such super human running in olympics.

If you want as a nation to be not ashamed every four years first we should tell our parents obsessed with creating doctors and engineers to create one good sperm to become an Olympian. The sports associations should ban politicians and other bakras while putting Olympians and international sports persons like Gopichand and Bindra to run these felicities, to identify youngsters at young age and give them scientific training like in China (Call it military style or inhuman, you will keep seeing them speeding past Indian any day). Encourage corporates and our startup youngsters to create infrastructure in sports and for all of us who switches to these sports from cricket only during olympics, support them more and stop celebrating this mediocrity and Facebook shares.

It’s time we own up our failure at the worlds greatest stage and support these athletes and sports . We need to fight this system rather than googling their castes. Dear media, stop rubbing our mediocrity on our faces and instead identify these sports persons from unknown areas all throughout the year, give them national importance so that they get the infrastructure to win medals at next Olympics. Hoping one day we find an Usain Bolt running for us in the Olympics.

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