LeetCode Ranking 562,030 (April 28)

Today, I am continuing my LC pursuit. I had taken the past weeks off to specifically prepare for system designs and refactoring realistic coding scenarios while building applications. The interviews went extremely well and likely will have an offer for about 250K. I had not worked for the last 3 years, but it seems there is quite a demand for senior developers. The work gap didn’t seem to matter much and the rate of recruiters responding is about 80% or higher.

I have an upcoming interview with Cruise Automation which I will likely fail. Realistically, I need more preparation to get through the intense rounds. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to demonstrate my coding abilities. It feels great to code after being away from the keyboard for some time. I will continue to post my mental walkthroughs of the problems I am using to prepare for the interview.




I like science.

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I like science.

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