10 Golden Rules of Thru-hiking The Appalachian Trail

Thats whats up!

1. “Be Mentally & Attitudinally Prepared!”

2. “Be Physically Prepared!”

3. “Be ‘Gear’ Ready!”

4. “Understand What Your Bare Necessities ARE!”

5. “Hike-Your-Own-Hike With An Open Mind!”

6. “Don’t quit on a bad day!”

7. “Take the time to SEE what you SEE!”

8. “Have your REAL LIFE affairs in order”

9. “Prepare for the HARSH REALITIES of a 2,189.5 mile hike!”

10. “Don’t let the small problems become big ones”

10 Rules courtesy of Sir Packs Alot of The Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center