April 21, 2017

Up at sunrise, finishing posting blog to current. Due to continuing rain, I’ll not start my hike til about 11am, giving time for Dorothy to not rush to cook breakfast and get me back to the trail. I’m enjoying being a bit lazy this morning.

Great breakfast and great conversation with a well read and Earth compassion person. We are like minded liberals and our conversation included organic gardening, disgusting Monsanto, global warming, compassion treatment of animals, even those raised for human food, and affluent Americans’ obsession with their stuff.

I’ll soon get back on AT, as I’m too antsy to wait out the rain any longer this morning. I plan on a 16 mile day. The later I start the closer to sunset I’ll be when I set up camp for the night. Maine Turtle and I have likely crossed paths for the final time on the AT, as he is several miles ahead, after I stayed in Vernon, and he’s headed into NYC tomorrow for Earth Day festivities. I’ll spend it hiking further north, heading for CT by next weekend.

Climbing up with full pack to do more bouldering today with rain last night and this morning, careful sure footing is necessary to keep me in the game. It’s training for NH & ME. No “blue blazing” around them for me!

I treated my first heel hot spot with moleskin and medical tape this morning to avoid blisters and/or broken skin wounds.

Wow!! Vertical bouldering today! The AT here is continuing to train me for NH and ME.

Slippery boulders and sheer vertical rock walls are hard. I had my first slip and fall for the past couple of weeks. Tool what looked like my best footing, but for anything hidden by the pile of died wet leaves at the base. That was what did me in. i slipped but fell back on my pack against the rock wall but strained my right knee a bit. A few minutes rest then I’ll test it out. I’ve 4.8 miles yet to hike to get home tonight. What an adventure?!

As the steep boulder climbing continued and sunset in an hr, I hike near a water source 2.5 mikes from my intended campsite. I’m glad for my stealth camping.

Legs tired and more steep bouldering. After 13.6 miles today, I feel accomplished and happy for setting up my tent and camp before darkness. I had a romantic headlamp dinner with myself. I got all my food into my bear resistant Ursack and secured it.

I’ll read a bit and soothe my senses with the sound of the water flowing over rocks near my tent.


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