April 23, 2017

Sunrise wake up to a sunny day!

Hiking by 7:45pm with planned lunch stop at Bear Mtn Inn

Y life is much mire than about AT, being a lawyer, student, or salesman. It’s about me as a person with no self worth attachments to things outside of me

I met Charley and Pat from NYC on a rock crop, as I was leaving Harriman State Park part of AT. They were enjoying the view looking northerly towards Bear Mtn, where I was headed. After some talk about hiking, Pat asks me to make sure I show pictures and explain to people on west coast that NY is more than NYC. Charley gifts me a cookie as I get ready to hike again. I next meet 3 early 20's ladies from NYC, who I give some trail info too and after asking me what my trail name is and I say “JagHappy” one says “that’s perfect because yes you are happy.” Im glad I radiate that because I feel so most of the time out here.

On top of Bear Mtn I met Mile, who is leaving this week to start his AT thru hike at Mt Springer in GA. Through our conversation, I was able to give him some equipment and trail info that he was very happy to get. He says that it increased his excitement to start. Ione thing I told him that I tell everyone considering hiking the AT, the strength of mind is the key to success. If the mind is strong enough, the body will catch up to do the the difficult hike.

So many people on this sunny Sunday on Besr Mtn at lookout tower. I couldn’t stay to enjoy the view too long i could see NYC in the distance. I now know that I can’t go into NYC for even a day, via a trainstop next to AT up north several miles.

At the northern base of Bear Mtn is a zoo, which at the north end exists at the toll booth for the bridge across the Hudson River. I looked st a few cages and was so disgusted by what zoos do to animals, I quickly hiked thru the remainder if the zoo, as part of AT. I can think if a few inhumane humans that have earned cages, due to their self centered narcissistic attitudes and actions, but no animals. This zoo does some good by taking in ill or injured animals. However, they should release them into the wild upon their wellness. I heard that their bald eagle has been in its cage for about 20 years!? It is wrong, so very wrong. I’m still upset, 4 hours after hiking thru.

I decided to shower, mend a hot spot on my left heel, get a few more food items to get me to CT by week’s end, wash my sock liners in the sink and hang to dry by morning, as well as get a cooked meal. I’m staying in Fort Montgomery at the Bear Mtn Bridge Motel. I’ll continue my northerly trek tomorrow morning. I’m feeling so very healthy.

Since I’m about 4 miles from the trail, the motel owner, Doug, needs to drop me off before 9am due to his schedule. I’ll be hiking a short day tomorrow, due to the distance of upcoming camping sites. NY, like NJ, don’t allow camping except in designated areas. It will mean a couple of 19 mile days this week. So, I’ll just go up Anthony’s Nose, a steep climb up from the bridge tomorrow, then camp just a few miles further north.


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