April 25, 2017

I wake at sunrise to a cold wind and rain. While the wind blows bitingly thru the pavilion, it is not so severe as to get wet me or my gear. It’s expected to rain most of this week, but the temperatures are to be above the 40's. Therefore, I’ll hang here today and night, hiking north tomorrow. No rain, no pain, no Maine.

It’s days like this that confirms my need to continue to carry my winter clothes. Tge added weight is a burden but hypothermic symptoms are of greater concern. For the first time in a couple weeks I put my thermals, adding a necessary layer. While I’m out of the rain, I’m going to have a chill feeling day. The coming days get into upper 60's and 70's.

Staying warm on a cold windy day is a constant job. My 20 degree quilt is an option but I don’t idol about well. So, besides layers, I jog and do calisthenics as I alternate with reading. Also since I hadn’t planned on a camp zero day I will minimize my physical activity to avoid expending calories, since I need my food for hiking days, when I daily burn up to 6,000 calories.

I decided dancing and good music will keep me warm and entertained. Billy Idol style in the pavilion to Thievery Corporation. The IPOD and I are one. Freely feeling. Well, that was a fun hour or so.

Company has arrived. I’ve relinquished the meal table and set up on the concrete floor, putting my tent up due to the 10 mph gusts added to the rain. My home mates are doing likewise. If fact the tent idea started with “Running Bear”. My design is not a good standalone. It requires staking for optimum use. I will likely sleep better, though I slept well last night on the table. The other hiker is “Advil”.

Later arrivals of Gordon, Steve, and Dalila (dog), and “Fish” from Germany make from a very busy and tight sleeping area.

As the wind kicked up and the rain began, we each set up our tents or, in the case of Gordon and Steve, who setup their tarps for cowboy style camping in the pavilion.

My tent requires staking to be set up right, but even with not so taut tent and rainfly, I felt secure from the rain and wind.

Goodnight and let’s hope for a rain that doesn’t go sideways into the pavilion.

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