April 27, 2017

Up at sunrise, with Running Bear busy getting ready to leave. I won’t leave til about 7:30 or 8am, depending on the quickness of my activity this morning.

Exciting morning of putting back on my clothes that are still damp from sweat. I hope to dry them out by tomorrow,,when the weather gets close to 80 and no rain.

Due to my big eyes and smaller stomach, I ordered to much pizza. As much as I dislike wasting food, I tossed 1 1/2 slices into the rare garbage can in the shelter and wrapped 3 lg slices for lunch or dinner tonight.

Yes yes yes! Soft NY trail this morning! Black flies dive bomb my eyes. Sunglasses are for more than keeping sun out of my eyes on this cloudy day.

Even though I want a drink of water, I’ll delay taking any til I get off this ridge. I’m always thinking safety and don’t want to risk my pack falling down the slope and off the ridge. I purposely keep my water un reachable without my pack off. It forces me to take the load off my legs and back each time I drink. If dehydration was an issue, I’d do so and make it work, but if not feeling so, I’ll wait for level secure ground.

Per usual, I look at my data on my digital app and my paper guide. After passing two streams that were reputed to flow thru a cow pasture, despite my filter that would eliminate the ill effects, I look further ahead. I find good water flowing, camel up, filter water into my bottle and decide to carry an extra 1/2 liter because I like this water.

As much as I wanted to wait to take a lunch break at the next shelter, before completing the final 7+ miles, I felt depleted, so sat in a lg rock and eat my cold and delicious pizza. Now I’m glad I carried the extra weight. It nourishes me and adds calories.

Lunch 2 stop at Morgan Stewart Shelter. By respecting my body’s need for fuel, it makes the next 3+ hrs of hiking go well and stored energy for tomorrow, which will be just 13 miles.

Got in the 16.8 miles today. I caught up with Running Bear about .3 miles before the shelter. A section hiker, Tom, from CT is also a camp mate tonight.

After I set up my bedding in the shelter, since there are zero good flat tenting spits here, then set up my tent and hung up my rainfly and tent bags. Within an hr They were dry, so I folded and packed them back into my pack.

The leftover pizza from last night ended up making 3 meals for me, as two slices became dinner. After orgsnizing my stuff for the night, I, like each of us. Got into bed for sleep. Reading will be my added sleeping aid, if required.

Goodnight on this cloudy, foggy night.

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