June 19, 2017

After a good sleep in my tent on my new mattress, i feel more rested than I did yesterday. I failed to mention that I had some digestive pain all night, msking fir a more dufficult hike for me. it’s 4:30am, with tge weather breezy and appearing to be a sunny day. With 7.3 miles to Stratton, I expect to be there by noon, making for more rest unaddition to tomorrow’s zero.

We started hiking by 6:30am and immediately hijed up 1.1 steep South Crocker Mt, followed by North Crocker. The balance of our hike to Rte 27 was less daunting. We got to Rte 27 and called Treehugger, my hiking friend from 2016, who manages the Stratton Motel and Hostel. I’m in connected heaven!

I’m glad I got new hiking shoes, since my old ones were falling apart, but it has no hard rubber toe, so I’ve added to my pain when I kicked a couple rocks and roots on the trail. Damn it hurts! I’ve two sore and swollen toes on my right foot. Between my aching plantar fasciitis, my right knee strain, my swollen toes, and my dozens of black fly and mosquito bites, I’ve earned my pain to the end of the AT in Maine on Mt Katahdin.

As I sit in my room that I’m sharing with GI Joe, and many hikers are communing outside, I go inside and sit on my comfie bed, realizing that I love my introverted alone time, despite my inate social butterfly behavior at times.

There’s a bathtub/shower here! This means I’ll get to soak my leg muscles in a hot bath. I try to use rest days to recuperate. RICE day tomorrow: rest, ice, compression and elevate.

Though it’s too hot and humid to fall asleep easily, my hikers exhaustion will kick in and sleep will come.


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