June 20, 2017

No sleeping in for long distance hikers. Due to my hikers’ internal clock (all based on sunrise and sunset) and the hot and humid night with an open front door as the air conditioner, I didn’t sleep as well as I’d hoped, despite in a very comfortable bed, as I woke at 4:45am.

After walking to the General store, getting coffee and ice, I began my RICE treatment of my right knee, my left foot toes, my right foot plantar fasciitis, and added in my left knee for good measure. As I treat my symptoms, I will began updating my blog, since I now have secure wifi.

I got my house chores done, laundry, shopping and post office visit. As I lay, with foot propped on pillows with ice, after an epsom salt foot and leg soak, I’m now busy watching the mosquitoes buzz me and land on me just before I defend myself.


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