June 21, 2017

Woke at 4:45am and the begunning of Hike Naked Day. I was delegated the “job” of encouraging the 20+ hikers at the motel/hostel to gather for nakedness pucture time. The best way to lead is by example, so I presented myself 10 minutes before 7am picture time. I believe it helped obtain more than 50% participation. Sorry there will be no posted photo to respect the courageous women hikers.

The Begelow family of mountains in rain and 15 miles of arduous hiking over the last of 4,000+ foot mountains until Katahdin.

Hiked with Dr John & GI Joe. GI and I ran into Dr John (PhD in Geophysics) at a shelter, where we took refuge from a rain storm that lasted for an hr, so we had lunch before hiking north over and down steep rocky and rooty paths. A hard day for the knees and feet. We’ve all learned to hike with some injury and/or some level of pain

I’m running out of fuel for first time ever. I guess I took a complete mental rest day in Stratton, forgetting to replace my fuel canister. Dr John will graciously let me heat with his fuel, when I run out.

Despite the rain stopping and sunny skies apoearing,it rained as the sun was setting, so everyone slept in shelter, along with one sobo hiker.


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