June 22, 2017

Up and out by 7am for our 18 mile day.

Whiskers, Smeller (Julie at Shaws), & Collin are sobo’s I met along the way

We arrived at 5:15 pm, with is a good pace considering the rocky snd muddy terrian that intermixed with some of the softest trails.

With the camping area near a lake, I decided to cowboy tent with no rainfly, hoping it doesn’t rain.

I finally decided to look at a “hot spot” on the ball of my left foot. It’s been paining me for about a week. It looks like a deep ser heat blister. I’ll check it out again tomorriw in Caratunk, where we’re stay the night, and rumored hot tub is there to see if i can heal a bit frim my symptoms. We have to take a “ferry”, which is a canoe, across the Kennebek River, which intersects tge AT and is over 500 feet wide and very deep. The ATC contracts to have the service available for hikers. It ioerates frim 9am to 11am, which leaves us 3.6 miles to hike from our camp.


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