June 23, 2017

Awake at 4:15am, taking blog notes and happy thst it didn’t rain during my cowboy camping night. It’s wuite quietat this very busy camp. Since I ran iut of fuel, having forgot to replace in Stratton, I’ll have a cold instsnt breakfast drink and a hunny bun for breakfast.

GI Joe and I, independent of each other , were up about same time, getting packed and ready to hike the 3.6 miles to tge ferry.

Along the way, we greeted Dr John, who was up in his vestibule preparing coffee. GI and I hiked to the river and arrived at 7:45am, with an hour+ to wait for 9am ferry to Caratuck, which is our nearo home for the night. I’ve been readying journals for 3+ years about this ferry crossing and it was about others’ journey. I’m hsppy, proud and quite emotional about this now being my journey.

I’m having a happy contented connected day at hiker hostel in Caratuck, ME. It’s a great nearo day.

No rain. No pain. No Maine is so true as my journey winds up and down.


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