June 24, 2017

Up at 5am with big $7 breakfast at 7:30am, so got to sleep in as opposed to awke and up at 4ish.

Snap & Longhaul nobos met in trail. Both are young high mileage hikers typically averaging over 20 miles per day. I met Snap, as we were hiking out and she hiking into Caratunk ME. In our brief conversation She agreed to braid my hair next time we met, which will happen, since with her high mileage she will pass us up north.

Diego Gonzalas became part of my green team today. We had a marvelous conversation and great energy surrounded us during our brief break before taking a night off of the trail.

I fell into a stream today. As I rock/boulder hopped across the stream, my right foot took too long of a stay and on a seemingly dry but downward slanted rock. I slid into the water. I became physically wet to match my humor at times.

It was a long slog up steep mtns and some bouldering. Since we got a late start of 9:30am, due to the big cooked breakfast at the hostel, and we waited to see if we could hike without raingear.

We arrived in camp after our 15 mile and two steep mtn climbs.

As I lay in my tent, without my rainfly, I wake to pee and notice the sky at about 12:30am. It’s filled with twinkling stars. Despite advice by a local to always expect rain in Maine, I’m glad I didn’t heed the advice. I watch the stars while listening to the loud sound of water falling over boulders. I’m in paradise.

I read a bit before sleep and as typical of me, thankfully, I fall fast asleep in short order.


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