June 3, 2017

I wake at 4am but continue to stay head deep in my quilt for warmth, trying also the delay my typical morning bathroom call. However, with our perch in the dining room, each of us will be up by 5:30am to pack to clear it for guests’ breakfast and to complete our work of sweeping the dining room. All night the wind gusted outside and still does so, which we will all brave to summit and hike to lower elevations.

I’m quite disappointed right now. I rarely don’t power through what needs to be done, no matter what. However, the weather changed quickly for the worse. Snow up to 3 inches along a 8 mile part of AT, up to and over Mt WA. That’s not the linchpin, but 30 ft visibility, sustained wind of 30 mph and gusts up to 75 mph made the decision to go back hut and wait another day. I’ve been here before as a mountain climber and my psychological depression is familiar to me and I know I’ll get over it. I may have pushed but for one of the group of 3 is a link that I can’t put in this situation. His fear and inexperience is too significant in such conditions. Tomorrow’s weather, if it holds, is for part clearing, higher temps and less mph winds. I will, however, push to do miles required to get to Gorham NH. I feel better just “talking” about it.

After a tiring day of biding my time, hikers were fed leftover feast of turkey, mash potatos and gravy and salad. Afterwhich we swept and cleaned for 30 minutes. Bedtime was about 10pm with an esrly rise planned for an esrly leave to hije 15 miles over Mt WA and 12 miles of expised ridge before the new low pressure system begins. We hope to get a clear window til 1pm


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