June 5, 2017

As usual, I woke before 6am and joined others for a breakfast of waffles, juice and coffee.

I received my food resupply from Sandy and a present of his homemade caramels from Steve. Other than a couple add-ons, I’m set with food for apx 6 days. With the final big rock mountains coming in the next 2–3 days, I’ll look at my hiking going north so I can plan to stay at a hostel or motel, in which town I’ll resupply.

Due to having to go into town, my rest zero day wasn’t all I wanted it to be. My lack of solo hiking has lessened my independent options. It’s a good lesson for me to only hike with hiker(s) who have similar pace and skills, as well as open mind to life. GI Joe and I are of that description, so he and I have a good chance to finish on Katahdin together.

I just sewed my long sleeve hiking shirt from tears made by the rigors of bouldering. I also put my food together for a two day 21 mile hike back to this hostel. I’ll finish my prep in the morning. The shuttle leaves at 7:30am and I’m typically up and dressed by 6:30am.


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