June 7, 2017

Up at the crack of dawn again and today got greeted by the predicted blue skies! GI Joe and I are definite morning people, as we each rise when awake and begin the process of packing up our bedding and preoare for an early hike today. Since Rachael, one of the crew at this hut said she’d be up by 5:30 to make coffee, we hooe to leave by 6:30am, gently pushibg Redirect along, if necessary

Last night about midnight there were people who came into the hut. It turns out these huts prank each other. I don’t know the details except a funny poster and a note was left by crew from Lake of the Clouds.

Some of the gnarliest most trying downward rock faces that I’ve scaled. With most of it wet from the recent weather, tree roots, branches and scouting for minimal foot holds was necessary to get down. With good upper body strength, it may have been improbable to get down and certainly so in bad weather.

As much as I have fun bouldering and rock hopping, today took a toll on my knees and mostly my plantar fasciitis. With more to come in the final 16 miles I’ve left to hike in NH, as well as in southern part of Maine, I decided to take a recuperating day tomorrow. GI Joe has decided to take a recuperating day off, too. Redirect will hike north tomorrow to stay on his schedule.

Sleep came on shortly after dark.


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