June 9, 2017

I slept in til 6:15am, then began organizing and packing for the hike north. As the breakfast is included with a bunk or room at the hostel, “Mellow” fixed the 6 hikers waffles made from his own homemade recipe, including strawberry compote and maple syrup, coffee and orange juice.

GI Joe and I left the hostel at 8:45am for our 11.8 mile hike to Gentian Pond shelter, getting cover from possible rain tonight. With the infamous Moocusac Notch coming up soon, we decided to plan a first thing in the morning to go thru the .9 mile boulder gully. Some take up to 3 hrs to get thru it. It’s a field of large boulders, some house size that requires hiking under, over and in between them, often requiring removing the pack to lift it over, on top of, or thru the boulders. It also has a stream within parts of it and since it gets no direct sunlight tge stream is frozen at times. Fun and hard times there on Sunday.

We hiked a relatively easy hike today and plan to keep the next two days at about 10 miles and then hike about 5 miles into Andover, where my friend, Ryan, who’s completing his hostel, will pick us up for a stay at his place.

Tomorrow, in the first 4 miles, we will hike into Maine, the 14th and final state in my AT trek. With 286 miles left to Katahdin, I’m on schedule to finish on or about July 1st. It’s been a great physical, mental, and spiritual adventure. I’ll be elated when done but sad for its ending.


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