May 10, 2017

Up at the first crack of light, as were my roomies. Since they plan on pushing close to 30 miles today, including up and over MA’s highest peak on the AT, Greylock, they were out the door by 6am. I’m only hiking 15.8 today into Williamstown, where I’ll tape my foot for the final few days to Manchester Center VT.

With the 6 mile slog up to the summit of Mt Greylock, I’m starting at 7am, after my coffee and honey bun.

My hike today included snow and crunchy mud trail, added to the less frequent water filled trail, as the soil works in completing its absorption of the seeming constant rain or snow over the past month.

It was a 2fer benefit with foot tx and rest day, along with not having to hike during a snow storm in the mountains including and leading to Mt Greylock.

The satellite tower is shedding chunks, as the wind at summit sways the tower, so I hike out if harms way, as the trail is just feet from the falling ice chunks.

Aa I begin to hike past it, I hike back to and take a lunch break in Thunderbolt Shelter on this glorious mtn with views north into VT and parts of NH. This shelter is completely enclosed and was once a day lodge for skiers in its day. My break is cut shorter than I preferred, as I temperatures felt freezing and intermittent snow flurries were occurring.

I got to Rte 2, where I called and got picked up for a restful night at Willows Motel. As much as I planned to camp in the mtns, I decided that 15.8 miles was enough on my left foot and a camping site would have required several more miles of hiking.

I’ll consider a slack pack to get more miles in with added weight on my foot, until I get my orthotics in Manchester Center VT.


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