May 11, 2017

I wake at first light, having some stomach issues. I’m thankful for not yet arranging my ride back to the trail. It’s only 6:30am, so I have time to get myself together and back on trail this morning. Interesting test of my resolve (which I’ll pass), as my plantar fasciitis and now stomach issue are acute. It both frustrates and depresses me. So, I’ll do my self treatment for an hour or so, then meditate to get my head straight. At times, being an essentially self motivated person is a difficult place to be. I know that the mountains will help.

After getting my ride back to the trail from Dave, I realized within seconds that my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket in Dave’s car. Unfortunately, Dave got a green light as he pulled away from the curb and was gone. I waited near the intersection hoping he’d notice it and come back. Alas, he did not. I decided to hike on without my phone. Because of my gps app, I had no backup ti the white blazes. Also, because my phone is also my camera, I was unable to take pictures.

Grit, Step and a Half, Pathfinder: Happy Hikers from VA are ladies I met again on the trail. I last saw them in NY. They are hopscotching sections of the AT.

It was a full day of diverse trail: rock crops, steep elevation changes, smooth soft trail, a stream for the trail, and mud that sucked at shoes. Vermont today was spectacular, as I recall hiked adjacent to streams that fliwed over rocks, creating waterfall type sounds, as it raced down the mountain ti join other streams that feed the larger streams and rivers. I was in awe all day at the beauty and my good fortunate ti get to live and travel in this place that has little effects from humans. There is no human created equal. Humans tend to dominate and control rather than live with nature.

As I was approaching the last .5 mile of my hike today, Dave was hiking io the trail to meet me. After getting my phone, I realized again a lesson to not hike with small oocjet pants. These are the same pants from which my sunglasses slipped out, now my phone. I will buy new deeper pockets shorts in Manchester Center. I continuing to learn lessons, often from my mistakes.

My hiking day starts at 7am tomorrow, when Dave picks me up to take me 20.2 miles north, so I can slack pack hike back to Bennington, where my full pack will remain. After one more slack pack on Saturday, I’ll have hiked into Manchester Center, before the forecasted torrential rain on Sunday, Mothers Day


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