May 21, 2017

Awake at first light but with only a 10 mile day again, hoping these shorter miles help to heal of plantar injury. I’m hanging in my quilt to stay warm and to give more sleep time for weekend hikers who don’t rise early as thru hikers do.

After leisurely morning m, since only 10 miles, I chatted and had breakfast with 3 from the area. They left southward to get off trail, while I hiked northward. Kyle gave me his phone number if I need a ride when in Norvich VT/Hanover NH area.

Great cloudy day with a slight breeze. Cooler weather to hike in and next biting snow insects flying around me.

Trail almost invisible at times. Without the experience on the AT and good visional awareness of the changing ground, as compared to its surroundings, losing the AT is easy and a concern at times.

Porcupines have been gnawing on the wood posts at some of the shelters. I’ve not seen one yet, only evidence of their destruction.

The 10 miles to my campsite near Winturri Shelter. I got here about 3pm, after taking a short break to The Outlook, a fully enclosed shelter, with a crows nest and a panoramic view for many miles.

Once at the shelter, I set up my tent at a good level spot near the shelter, got water, ate, then settled in to read in my tent, to avoid the biting black flies. As typical, I fell asleep and was woken by “Redirect”, a hiker I met in Rutland. He set up in the shelter and he let me know that it was starting to rain, as I had my rainfly door open for good flow of fresh air. As I edit this blog, the rain is getting harder. I’ll have a wet tent to carry tomorrow. I never want the added weight, but I can’t stand more bug bites. Hopefully the rain will diminish overnight.


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