May 23, 2017@

I woke again about 5am and had some added help with the crowing rooster they own along with several chickens.

Oh my goodness, Linda made us a full breakfast. Just as each of us were digging for our camping meal, Linda comes up and tells us that she’s made breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, cinnamon raisin bagel, sausages and coffee. I’m thankful for my mountain life.

On way to Norwich, VT, 8.1 miles away, and only 1.6 miles from Hanover NH. 12 states hiked through with two to go, NH and ME.

Ouch! I decided that I could leave my hiking shoes on and not have to ford the river. The rocks were fine but the fallen tree across the stream wasn’t. I slipped hitting my left butt cheek on the tree log, while both shoes fell under water. I moved quickly to get feet out of the water and moved passed the log to the bank. I helped Redirect find a better way across down stream. My left side is my weak side now. Left foot plantar fasciitis and left butt cheek deep bruise. No pain. No rain. No Maine, as it goes. I wish I hadn’t fallen. Foolish over confident move.

Got into town and staying at home of a trail angel in Norwich. I immediately put up my tent and hung up my rainfly and ground cover to dry out from rain in past two days.

Headed into town to eat and buy supplies, as well as sort out our slack packing to The Whites.

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