May 24, 2017

Redirect, Guiness (Redirect’s long time friend from Boston who is slack packing us), and me are up about 5:30am preparing for the day. Betsy and Rik, our trail Angels, had air mattress set up for us to sleep in their bsmt recroom. What a cozy treat and wonderful gift.

It will be a 20 mile slack hike today into NH, then 19 tomorrow to get into The White MTns. I plan a zero rest day on Friday. I try to. do so every 7–10 days, instead of simply a nearo day. My legs and feet need the day of rest.

Porcupine was on trail today. It was amazing to see. It stared at Redirect and me, likely deciding if it needed to defend itself. After we did nothing but take pictures and videos, it began to. walk away. It was sad because it was either injured old or both, as it limped away.

After 20.5 miles, Redirect arrived at Trapper John Shelter. Redirect’s friend, Mark “Guinness” hiked up from his car with sandwiches for dinner. What a treat! Exhausted but ready for 22.2 miles tomorrow. Since it’ll be about 10 days since I took a zero, I’m not hiking again til Saturday. The Whites will begin by Monday, if not sooner.


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