May 25, 2017

Up by 5am for 17.7 mile slack pack over 3 mtns. We had to hike to Guiness’ car to drip off full pack and load smaller pack with necessities for the day. This includes water bottle, dirty water bag, water filter, snacks, lunch, rain gear, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, and emergency blanket.

Wow wow wow! What a day of blustery weather of high gusty winds, drizzly rain, steep climbs, mud and wet boulders. Our reward was spectacular views. It also reconfirmed my love of bouldering. I’ve been told by many of the steepness and the. seemingly endless boulders. Today, I believe, is the beginning of dozens, of hundreds of miles of huge steep boulders to hike on and over, some requiring hand over hand bouldering, some of which are wet and slippery. I’m excited for the upcoming difficult and spectacular miles in NH and ME. The rewards for hard work are unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it.

After a long, sometimes very slow hiking day, Redirect and I got to the highway where Guiness was waiting, after he hiked several miles to the too of the last mtn we hiked on, North Cube. This is just a taste, since the mtns today were under 3500 feet and the upcoming White Mtns, which include The Presidential s, are in excess of 5,000 feet and up to 6,000 feet. Some days of only 8 miles hiked over 8 hrs will be very good day.

Guiness drove us to a place to eat, then to a hostel in Glencliff, where I’m considering taking a zero day to recuperate a day fir my plantar fasciitis and whole body rest, after over 8 continuous hiking days. This hostel is new and some construction still underway, so I’ll decide tomorrow. I may have little to no choice with this week being Memorial weekend. The Whites are a hugely popular place to visit and day hike, which means most rooms are unavailable.

Since we arrived about 10pm, we each found bunks and settled in for sleep. It’s expected to rain hard and steady tomorrow. Redirect is hiking on. We will each get back to our solo hiking again, after several days of hiking together. I appreciated his company, as well as that of Guiness, and the opportunity to slack pack over 37 mikes in two days.


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