May 26, 2017

Yeah, I slept in til 6am! It’s a great day to not hike and take a zero. It’s raining very hard now and has been since after 2am, when I had to take care of biz in the woods behind the bunkhouse. Packrat, owner of this hostel expects to have a working toilet and electricity by sometime today. He was kind to take us in because he hadn’t planned to be open for hikers until June 1st.

Well, with Redirect wanting to not hike in rain alone and it being only a 10 mile day, I decided to hike with him. As much as it would be good to get 10 miles further north, I preferred to not hike in a downpour. I hiked it and got quite wet, including my boots.

After arriving back at the Welcome Hikers Hostel, showrring and setting all up to dry, three of us got a car to drive to dinner and a small Memorial Day honorary meal.


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