May 28, 2017

Up hiking by 8am, after ride back to trail.

10 hrs to hike 11.8 miles. Not just steep but hand over hand and lots of boulder climbing. The Whites are magnificent, difficult, fun, and slow going. There will be no 15+ mile hiking days in The Whites.

At shelter on a Memorial weekend found about 30 people here between tents and shelter residents, like us. If it hadn’t been so late getting here, I would have tented, despite the rain forecasted for part of tonight.

I saw more beauty than I could have imagined and put in more effort getting here than I imagined. I now know that The Whites will give me more pleasure and more pain than I’ve previously experienced. Despite my plantar fasciitis, I will suffer through it to get to Katahdin. After 8 miles, at lunch break, I stretched my arch and soaked my foot in a cold stream for 2–3 minutes. It helped to minimize my pain and discomfort during tge final 4 miles of today’s hike. It feels like it’s healing but once I put on the 32+ pound pack, the symptoms begin again.

As I lay in the shelter with 10–12 others, I feel at peace with myself knowing I can find and feel comfort and peace wherever I allow myself to see and feel it.


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