May 29, 2017

Sleeping with a shelter with so many was not so bad. As I wake, it’s a cold morning with slight windy and no sun near the top of North Kinsman. My. biggest issue was keeping my mattress inflated. I must not have rolled the neck inflation part tight enough.

I woke at about 5am but the wuite regimented Redirect’s alarm did it’s usual alarm at 5:15am and ge slept tgru it, while it continued to ring. I will not stat near him if he doesnt permenantly shut it off. He means well and wears ear plugs due to snoring (he snores too) but can’t hear his alarm. The weekend hikers who don’t wake as early are forced to listen. Continuing lesson for me is to learn to be more patient with anal controlling people.

It’s a tough decision today. Options are 4 miles to town, 7.5 miles to an approved open campsite or 14.5 to an enclosed hut. The hut is likely out due to the likely need to hike for up to 13 hrs to hike thru these very steep and boulder climbing mountains.

Helping timid rock climber is part of my lesson in helping another, as well as in being more patient with self absorbed anal people. If I appreciate and accept diversity in all forms, different characteristics are part of it.

Love love love bouldering!!! I find myself more energized by the strategy of finding a secure line up 10–50 feet or more of solid steep rock.

After getting off the mountain, we ended up at Notch Hostel, which turns out to be one of the physically and positively energized hostels I’ve stayed in the 1816 miles I hiked thus far.

Got more food resupply for 5–6 days in The Whites and leaving for back in The Whites tomorrow at 7am.


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