May 30, 2017

I wake at typical 5am time to prepare for more slow miles, more steep bouldering and more rain in these cold days. I also realize that I’ve not had a rest zero day in about 11 days and now won’t, due to no exit out of Whites, until Gorham NH, 5–7 days away. I’ll celebrate my birthday, which is today, then when I have my zero hike day

Oh my what a day of so much nature. Quite difficult steep rocky climbs up and over Mt Liberty, Mt Haystack, Mt Lincoln, Mt Layfeyett, and Mt Garfield. Spectacular views, misty clouds, sleeting rain, and gusts up to 50mph. Got to camp after 10.3 miles wet and cold. After bed set inside an open shelter, walked .1 miles to water, hung clothes to dry inside, which will not be dry in the morning so in middle of night after a pee break, I’ll stuff my clothes into bottom of my 20 degree quilt for warm wet clothes to wear to hike in tomorrow.

Cold windy rainy night. Sleep came easy and slept with my goose down coat at the bottom of my quilt, along with my 2nd pair of gloves, since the first pair is soaked wet.


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