May 31, 2017

Woke by 5am and found my hooded long sleeve shirt too wet to wear. My short sleeve is damp but should dry with my body heat.

After hiking 2+ miles to Gale Hut for a trail and weather break, and after the short supply of dry clothes, I was concerned about hypothermia, so I bought another pair of Merlino wool socks and a heavy fleece jacket. It’s bulkier than my winter fleece in SF, I made it work inside my pack. After suffering with hypothermic symptoms last year and this, I will take the necessary precautions.

My plantar fasciitis has been constant in letting me know it’s still there. With few exceptions, I learned to hike guiding my left foot to level places. When I’ve failed at this, by accident or by the condition of the trail, the pain has been significant. My morning and evening massage with my tennis ball has helped, but today the pain was so acute that I had to stop and take more Ibuprofen to relieve the nausea from the pain. Within about 15 minutes the symptom lessened.

Lesson: either tune out, be very patient or move on with characteristics that I allow to take me from my serenity. I know it’s my issue to be more open. However, since I hike for peace and meditation, as well as the physical experience, I need to be respectful of myself without projecting negative when someone enters my life with habits or such that I allow to take me off my center. So many lessons and so little time.

Steep snow rocks out hiking t storm. We hiked 9.7 miles. in 9 hrs, representing tge new norm in The Whites apx 1 mile per hr. We got to Zealland Falls Hut and though it doesnt open til June 1st we got to stay inside. The 5 crew members here are welcoming and gracious. We will sweep floors for our stay. I’m blessed with a winderful life. We also missed the t storm by 1 hr. As I was speaking with Annabell, the resident “naturalist”, I said that it’s not what we do that’s important, it’s who are that is. She has a quote board, where she wrote my statement as the first quote of the season and signed by JagHappy.

We will have a few dried clothes and a warm place to sleep and eat. These 5 young women are from many parts of the country, recent graduates from colleges across the country, including Boston, Seattle and Berkeley. Our conversations are engaged, lively and intelligent. Kate, Amber, Annabell, Squash, and Jubilee. After fixing soup from our food supplies, they fed us leftover pizza and orange drink. I then ate my 2 1/2 person portion chicken and noodle dehydrated meal. It doesn’t makeup for the 6,000+ calories daily expended on the AT, but most food I’ve eaten in a long time, even in towns.

Due to t storms happening by late. tomorrow afternoon, we will hike 9 miles to Crawford Notch to take a nearo (hiking out the next day) or a complete zero rest day. With Mt Washington in 2–3 days, weather will determine that hike, more than most other mtns in The Whites due to it’s reputation for sudden cold and winds.

Despite my intent to hike solitary, I feel blessed by the company, which bands together to insure each other’s safety.


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