May 9, 2017

Up early and lots of chill hiking with a short 8.5 mile hike to Cheshire. After treating my plantar facitis, I plan a short day to let the pain meds set in.

Alpine, who fought Lyme’s Disease for a month after an undiscovered tick had embedded itself in his scalp, and Grinder hiked passed me today.

MA limits the blazes, so I’m cautious at each trail direction change. Don’t move too far from known trail and lock for all signs os the trail

Got to Cheshire within 3 hrs, as I expected. However, since I’m staying at a Catholic church that opens two rooms for hikers to hang and roll out sleeping gear, but they don’t allow entry until after 4pm, I looked first for a place to buy some extra strength Tylenol for my left heel pain, then a restaurant. Met local Rod who says he couldn’t hike longer than 3–4 hrs. He’d get bored.

Arranged a shuttle to slack pack 18 miles tomorrow. This will get my miles in without adding to my plantar pain.

After being greeted by Diane and Bob at the parish, I settled in. After an hour or so, 4 young big mileage hikers came in. They’d just hiked 30 miles. They occupied one room and me the other. Sleep coming easy. As much as I like to read, I’m in hikers time: sun goes down, I fall asleep. Sun comes up, I’m wide awake.


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