Upcoming Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Southern Terminus, Springer Mountain

Peas & Cornbread

It was not a zero day, but close. I hiked 3 miles in 90 minutes, then got shuttle to Cabin in the Woods hostel. I used pressure point massage on my left calf and knee, while stretching several times. Other than beginning to plan my next 3–4 weeks, I did very little but give treatment, including rest for my knee. Sandy got the resupply delivered timely, so I was able to select and pack food for 4 1/2 days, til I get to Gatlinburg TN. There could be a change in timing. There is a thunderstorm throughout the entire area on Thursday. I will likely stay in Fontana Village Thursday night, after a 2–3 hour hike on Thursday morning. I don’t want to be in the mountains during a lightning storm. It’s a one day T Storm per forecasts. My pack will be heavier tomorrow due to almost 5 days of food. Each meal I eat will diminish the pack weight. I guess I’m about 40 lbs when I leave in the morning. My knee feels great, so I’ve planned a 9 mile hike tomorrow to tent site near a shelter. Tenting at the shelters is most beneficial for two things: ground prepared tent spaces and a privy. Otherwise, I prefer tenting more remote from the shelters.

In the Smokies, unless completely full, all must stay in shelters. However, due to the Nora Virus recent spread, I’ve been told they are relaxing this requirement and allowing campers to put up tents.

I will tent no matter what, at risk of an infraction. I want no part of the virus, which is reputed to begin from the mice feces or feces dust in the shelters, followed by unsanitized handling of food etc. fist or elbow bump have replaced hand shaking to minimize potential spread. I’m quite excited to rest my left knee, which feels better than it had in two weeks. I’m on the way to getting my stride back in the near future. Donna made a dinner of meatloaf, chicken sausage, vegetables and cornbread all for $8 of all you could eat. I ate only one large helping. The reputed big appetite hasn’t taken effect with me. Good night.

Signed banner at Top of Georgia Hostel
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