Night Sky In Mountains In The Appalachian, photo by alex grichenko

Zero day in Atkins, VA

May 3rd

After a night in a bed in a room at the Relax Inn in Atkins, VA, I’m pleased to get up and feel no aches, pain or stiffness in my legs, especially my left knee. After 68 hiked miles in 4 days, I’m glad that I’d been a good patient of my doctor in Hiawassee, GA, almost 500 miles ago. My slower pace, lower daily miles (for 150 miles), additional rest/no hike days, the Epsom salt baths, the icing and elevating and the K Tape all contributed to my amazing recovery. I’m now ready for the remaining 1,646 miles. I started this trek expecting to hike an avg of 15–17 miles per day. Little did I realize that it takes time to condition the body to put in a 35–40 lb pack and hike up and down mountains every day and this without considering my knee injury. I now feel like 15–20+ miles is reasonable each day, especially after I hike the next 100 miles, when the elevation changes diminish and the day hours continue to increase.

After a big restaurant-cooked breakfast, laundry washed, wet tent hung to dry, ground tarp scrubbed of leaves and dirt, I sent 3–4 lbs of winter and non-fitting clothes to San Francisco and bought fuel and food for the next 4–5 days, when I was taken to town by one of the owners of The Relax Inn. It was a chill day of calling family and friends, as well as reaching out on remaining legal cases, which will finish my job as an active Washington State lawyer.

Conductor, Squid, Buckles, Dirtydeeds, Crunch, Halftime, Colorado were part of the Relax Inn Hikers.

My world is at peace. Good night.

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