The daunting task of manually sorting data spawned an internal machine learning experiment.

As part of my role, I scraped thousands of images from Flickr that matched a search query. Then, I went through all of the images and sorted them into categories.

My goal was developing an image classifier, a neural network trained to recognize patterns from images in assigned sets. This task took a lot of time and was frustratingly dull.

Naturally, I wondered if there was a good way to automate this. …

Accessibility, making your product available to anyone, is a key part of designing user experience. Designing and building for accessibility can help build a larger user base, a broader product, and answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

At Uncorked, we develop products for big companies that have stringent mobile accessibility standards. Every time we go through an accessibility audit, we learn where we can improve our process and inch closer to the goal of considering accessibility throughout the design and development processes.

I recently stumbled across an Android accessibility documentation page that I had, embarrassingly, ignored: Using Node…

When I started my internship at Uncorked Studios, I was fresh out of a 6-month code school program at Epicodus and knew little of what to expect from the company (or the tech industry at large). What I did know is that I liked the people that I had met and what I saw of their work at Design Week Portland. I also knew they were an Android shop that had a relationship with Google, which to me meant that they know stuff about Android. In retrospect, I’m not sure if that kind of assumption is wise, but luckily it’s…

Midori Bowen

Learns Android & Python for Deep Learning for money. Leans more toward being a mechanic than an engineer. Usually uncomfortable, but accepts this state.

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