How Erdogan has reshaped Turkey

My response to Washinton Post’s call for comments about regression of Turkey in 15 years.

Latuff is my favorite cartoonist.

Turkey was a more secular, tolerant place. An atheist author could debate with clerics on TV, and everybody was okay with that. Mainstream media had left-wing anchormen, writers. Due to the oppression of mainstream media, almost all left-wing people are wiped out from media, and they had to join Internet newspapers. Those Internet newspapers are continuously banned or censored. If someone claims anything negative about AKP government, they are quickly put in jail. Also, almost all democratic rights are wiped out. The freedom of demonstration against government simply doesn’t exist. If you are not related to the AKP, you cannot get an official job at state. If you are a well-known opponent, a phone call from a local party representative to your boss makes you unemployed in one second. Gay pride is banned. LGBT people aren’t protected against hate at all.

You can find the whole Washinton Post article here: