Yapılan bazı araştırmalarda insanlar için 6 saatin hatta ve hatta 5 saatin çok daha yeterli…
Cahit Nuri

kaynak gösterdiğiniz yazıya yapılan yorumda bu yazının misinterpretation içerdiği belirtilmiş. Google çalışanlarına verilen seminerde eğer uyku borcunuz yoksa, yani günde 3 saat eksik uyuyorsanız, 10 saat uyuyamayacağını ve uyku borcunuz arttıkça performansınızın düşeceği kesin olarak ispatlanmış.

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Exactly. So many people misinterpret studies and make false assumptions. It’s the same statistics as with e.g. visiting hospitals. It would be ridiculous to claim that more visits to a dermatologist will give you more skin problems. People usually visit a doctor, because they have a problem, not the other way around. It’s the same statistics as with sleep. There are NO studies that show that oversleeping is even possible. You have to not read sleep literature at all to claim it.I bought a book from Dr. William Dement, a pioneer of sleep research afterlistening to his talk for Google. They spend years conducting experiments and studying sleep debt in Stanford. In one of the study none of 10 volunteers were able not to accumulate sleep debt by sleeping just 5 hours. They all accumulated sleep debt by sleeping so little.
Sleep debt declines performance, especially mental performance.
As for oversleeping there were studies done that showed that it’s impossible to oversleep (e.g. sleep 10+ hours), if you don’t have sleep debt. I’ll mention the hardcore one. It was done over 5 decades ago at the United Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. People were put alone inside silent, dark cubicles. “The cubicles were insulated against soundand maintained at a constant temperature and humidity. The subjects wore thick gloves to minimize their sense of touch, and they took liquidnutrients through a straw. They were not able to move about; they couldonly lie awake and fall asleep” Their brainwaves were monitored. The first day many people slept 16 hours or so (some people slept even 20).
In the final day the subjects were only able to sleep on average of 8 hours. Just as a reminder, there’s was nothing else to do, but to sleep.
They were not able to sleep more than they “needed” and they felt great. I’m lazy to write about another studies, but the main theme is that removal of sleep debt improves performance (even physical performance of professional athletes). You can find more in books like “The promise of sleep”, “Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine” or by looking at Dr. William Dement’s talk for Google where he gives a quick overview.

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