Pinterest Lens Is Here (in the US) And It’s Bad Ass.

But don’t call it Pinlens because that just looks like you’re typing penis.

How many times have you been out having a beer with your friends when some gorgeous looking asshole with great hair comes walking past and you think, “If I had this guys hair it would solve all my problems! I could finally find the elusive love of my life and have a few miniature versions of myself running around.”?

Like seven, eight times a day right? I know. It’s rough out there.
What about all those times you’ve been on the pit crew working on Jimmie Johnson’s #48 NASCAR right before the Daytona 500 and your mind starts wandering to all those failed attempts at perfecting a Baked Alaska?
“When god?!? When’s it gonna be my time?!?”

Well get ready to invite the great people over at Pinterest Engineering to your magical unicorn themed beach wedding and that delicious regionalized dessert table afterwards. Pinterest Lens is live!

WTF am I looking at?

Lens comes in to solve one of the main problems of everyday life that goes way beyond the regular use of a Pinterest board or searching across the platform in general.

Seeing something and needing it immediately.

Inside, we all have that instinct to break the 10th commandment throughout the day and neither I nor the awesome people at Pinterest want you to burn in hell forever and ever. Let’s starting taking pics of anything and everything so we can pin it then buy it or a very similar version of it immediately!

The process and UX has been designed with ease of use, style, and speed in mind. Just going over to the search option and tapping on the camera icon in the upper right corner brings your Lens to life.

I’m going to take this on a random ride to see just how well this has been implemented into their already mammoth sales platform disguised as a wedding registry/cookbook/shitty inspirational quote gallery.
Remember that it’s still in beta and probably throwing back some random results that have absolutely nothing to do with what the image is.
Let’s start with my shoes…

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