90 Second Interview: Pradeep Nayar

Nov 2, 2018 · 2 min read

by Libby VanWhy edited by Anja Harris

Pradeep, UX Director at Allstate (Sponsor of our 2018 recharging station!) sat down with committee member Libby to talk about what he values.

Video transcript:
Hello MidwestUX. My names Pradeep Nayar, I’m a UX Director at Allstate. I consider myself one of the leaders here whos driving design thinking in the enterprise. Being empathetic is one of the key things that makes someone a good problem solver, a good designer. A close second to having empathy is being collaborative, being open, and being humble. Once you’re collaborative… it’s one thing to work with other folks but its also another thing to be humble when you don’t have all the answers and being open to change. I wouldn’t say we are the experts in design thinking, I think the way we position ourselves is that we are the stewards of it. We want to make sure that the enterprise is using the tools for making right decisions. We can’t be in every conversation, but at least for the ones that we are actively involved in we want to make sure that we keep the customer, not just customer but human in the center. When you look at 2018, there’s a lot of change going on. The rate at which innovation is happening, the rate that disruption is happening… one of the biggest things we can do when you think about design and designing and design thinking is really about putting the human in the center again. People are dealing with change, generally. So I think it’s a big part of all that that’s happening, whether it’s big data, whether its AI taking over jobs that people used to do traditionally. It’s really important to think about how do we put people in the center and how do we actually help them deal with change.