Weekend design challenge!

Sep 28, 2018 · 1 min read

We’ve got a pretty creative community, and we want to showcase your talent… on buttons!

The challenge

Submit a design that fits on a 1" button. At the conference, MWUX attendees will be able to swap or find buttons that best represent them, their interests, and their design style.

Each button design should represent one interest — like a sweet ten speed if you love to bike, or a custom cat emoji if you’re an animal lover.

The rules

  • Incorporate the MidwestUX 2018 brand colors: #43586A, #50917B, #B74232, #E6DEC9, #B4D87B, #F4A06E
  • The design will be printed on a 1inch circular button, so keep it simple
  • Each button should represent a single interest or hobby but feel free to submit more than one design

How to submit

Send your circular button designs over as .pdf, .png or .jpg to 2018@midwestuxconference.comby midnight on Sunday, Sept 30th!

Good luck, we can’t wait to see what you guys can do.


P.S. We’d love to see your design process, snap a pic and tag us in your progress pics!


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