Seeing problems in new ways — how (re-)framing contributes to tackling societal challenges

Mieke van der Bijl
May 30 · 10 min read

Fruitful frames

What do we know about creating frames?

the Double Diamond model (adapted from suggests that designing is a process of diverging and converging to a problem frame, before diverging and converging to a solution

How social innovation practitioners go about framing — beyond the double diamond

The framing patterns

Four of the five case studies showed a pattern of evolution of the problem frame that included divergence and convergence in framing, co-evolution of problem frame with the proposed solution, and selecting and developing multiple problem frames and associated solutions

Drivers of the framing process

Framing requires expertise




Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

Mieke van der Bijl

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I'm a researcher, educator, and designer with an interest in systemic design, complexity, transdisciplinarity and public & social innovation - views are my own.

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